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At Village Insurance, our policies are designed to give you protection for your home, vehicle and property.
We have an array of insurance policy options that encompass all concerns for coverage with your budget in mind. You can cover every inch of your property, including your furniture, jewelry, art, computers, automobiles, machinery and home entertainment systems. If the loss or damage to your building, auto or equipment means that it will be uninhabitable or unusable for a temporary period, we have options that will cover related expenses while your property is restored or replaced.


Auto Insurance

It doesn't matter if you're driving a new car, or a classic runabout, protect your investments with affordable auto insurance from Village Insurance located in Strasburg, OH. Auto insurance gives you the peace of mind and confidence you need while on the road. As a full-service independent insurance agency, our agents will assist you in finding the right policy at the right value. We offer comprehensive plans for all your cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and RVs. Get the affordable insurance coverage you need from one of our experienced agents!

Life Insurance

Discover your long term coverage options with Village Insurance. Between rising healthcare costs and the increasing health concerns that come with aging, it is important to plan for the future. As an independent insurance agency, Village Insurance helps you think ahead. Don't know the difference between life insurance and an annuity? We have the answers and can help you decide which options are best for you. No matter your situation, we can find a life insurance option for you that is both attractive and affordable. We offer impaired risk plans for clients who are either currently facing an illness or have in the past. Your medical condition doesn't have to prevent you from getting the coverage you need. Call us today to find the life insurance plan that best fits your circumstances and goals.

Home Insurance

Aside from your health and loved ones, your home is probably your most valuable asset, and it is all the more important that you keep that asset protected. We protect our clients from incidents such as fire, theft damages, loss of equipment and water damage. Our company also provides clients with efficient protection from natural disasters, like hail, hurricanes and earthquakes. We offer insurance for: Homes Automobiles Life Small Businesses Jewelry Fine Art Valuables Firearms Equipment Boats Watercraft and more! We carry all risk and designated risk options, so we can design a tailored insurance solution to best meet your needs. No matter what type of protection you need for your home, you will be able to get an affordable bespoke coverage package from our capable insurance professionals.

Farm Insurance

No matter the size of your farm, our farm coverage options can protect your assets. We can provide complete coverage for your:
  • Dwelling & Personal Property
  • Barns & Outbuildings
  • Farm Personal Property
  • Dairy Operations
  • Confinement Buildings (hogs, poultry, veal, etc.)
  • Grain Farms
  • Hobby & Suburban Farms
  • Orchard & Pick-Your-Own Fruits/Vegetables
  • Equine & exotic animals
  • Farm-based business
  • Farm trucks & related personal auto
  • Related liability
  • Farm Excess Liability (Farm Umbrella)
  • Peak Season Coverage
  • Custom Farming Operations
  • Intake of Foreign Objects Coverage
  • Borrowed, Rented or Leased Machinery

Business Insurance

Commercial insurance protects you and your business in the case of a law suit, fraud or theft. If you're starting a new business, insurance is certainly necessary no matter your business type. You need to be covered to repair damage to equipment, a client's property or your reputation. Village Insurance customizes a commercial insurance plan to your specific industry and size to provide the best coverage for you. Entrepreneurship is like stepping out on thin ice with a blindfold. You make the wrong step and you could be washed upstream. Contact Village Insurance for a commercial insurance policy for your startup, or small to medium business.


Ride like you own the road with our motorcycle insurance. Operating a motorcycle is a completely exhilarating experience. And that is mainly because of the many risks associated. With the wind on your face, and Village Insurance covering your motorcycle, you're free to ride with confidence. We offer Motorcycle License Endorsement, safe driver discounts and multi-policy discounts.

Boat Insurance

In port or at sea, make sure your boat or watercraft is covered in case of an emergency We know your time is precious. To help you spend as much of it as possible on the water, we've created a fast and easy online quote tool that makes finding the right boat insurance smooth sailing. Just take a couple minutes to complete the online quote form and we'll search the best rates from multiple major insurance carriers to give you the best affordable insurance options in no time. Whether you have a powerboat, yacht, sailboat or any other type of craft, we've got the expertise and the tools to make sure you get the coverage you need quickly and affordably. You take pride in your watercraft and we take pride in making sure it's protected from the elements, accidents and theft.